Saturday 21 September 2013

Food and Nutrition for Kids

We as Mommies are always passionate about creating delicious, nutritious meals for our babies and little children and this section shares some of my inspirations and successes with healthy and easy food options for kids. In an ideal world, we would all spend time preparing good, healthy homemade food, but with parents working harder than ever to keep their families on track, spending hours in the kitchen just isn’t feasible for many of them. That’s why I came up with delicious, healthy and quick mealtime solutions for those busy days. I use the same principle in all my recipes – healthy fresh ingredients that are salt and fat controlled. Though there is a wide range of ready-made or boxed/bottled baby foods available in the markets these days, nothing can beat home-cooked healthy food for your little ones.

Today's Mums are mumpreneurs, full-time or part-time working professionals who are constantly striving to achieve the right work-life balance. This section offers quick, homemade style solutions for those busy days.

Penning down a baby recipe section was on my mind ever since I had my girl M, but my little girl keeps me busy through the day. But over the past few months, I have been getting a lot of requests to start a section for baby and toddler recipes and so I thought why not start off with it. The recipes here are a collection of tried and tested recipes from various sources which are yummy, healthy and are super hits. If I prepared the recipe from a cookbook or online food service I will most certainly recommend the book it came from or link to the online source.

Kids can be picky and fussy and the only way to battle with this problem is bring about variety in their everyday meals. Feeding my fussy daughter who sometimes doesn't eat properly makes me feel quite vulnerable and hence I am constantly creating and trying out new recipes. Most recipes I read in books and find on the net are quite bland and so I started adapting all the healthy foods we ate as a family like tikkis, into things she could eat.

Most of the recipes in this section are healthy and nutritious. Whilst healthy eating is important, it’s also good to have a treat or two! :)

Please check these links before proceeding to the recipes:

Please note that this section will not have photographs. Detailed recipes of each dish for various age groups will be available.

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