Friday 5 August 2011

Carrot Milk Shake

Surprised?! Well, it's true. This is probably one of the healthiest milk shakes I have ever had. I am usually not too big on milk shakes. But to day when I was chatting with my mom-in-law, she gave me this idea of an absolute healthy milk shake. I was thrilled and decided to try it today itself. And I must say it is healthy.

My lovely mom-in-law, Amma is a fabulous cook and I normally refer to her as "Express Cook" to others. She is so fast and doesn't waste any much time in the kitchen. I like that! I don't believe in slogging in the kitchen the whole day when you can do other fun things too. Cooking is all about fun, and what makes it fun is quick and easy cooking. My mom-in-law is a wizard at easy cooking. She gives me fun tips which reduces a lot of load in the kitchen. A lot of her cooking and dishes have inspired me and this post is dedicated to her. This is quite an easy drink and a no brainer. However I decided to write about it because if you are like me, you will be inspired to try something very healthy once in a while!

This recipe is for 1 glass/serving. Here is the recipe.


Carrots (grated) - 1 big
Chilled Milk - 3/4 of a glass
Crushed Ice - few
Honey - to taste


Grind the carrot into a smooth paste by adding a little milk. Now whip this mixture with the rest of the milk, ice and honey. Garnish with fresh cream and a piece of carrot or however your imagination leads you. Enjoy!

Notes: For the healthier version, I have used skimmed milk and honey.

You can use full-fat milk instead of skimmed milk and sugar instead of honey.

Source: My Amma

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